Stuck Programming?

Ever get lost in some code and then you scroll back up and think, “what the hell did I just write?”

Programming can be messy if you aren’t tabbing before a div or adding a semicolon at the end of CSS lines. Luckily, web developers have some handy tools available online that can automatically clean up incoherent HTML markup, JavaScript, or CSS. If you have a file with strictly PHP coding, there’s a clean-up tool for that, too.

Here are four handy websites to keep in your bookmarks when you’re programming your next big web app.


1) Dirty Markup

Dirt Markup lets you clean up your HTML, Javascript, and CSS coding in one webpage, just be sure not to mash up all these languages in one file.


cleancss.com2) Clean CSS

Clean CSS has the same functionality as Dirty Markup, but has additional support for XML, SQL, JSON, and Perl (and others).




stackoverflow-2010093) StackOverflow

When all else fails, head to StackOverflow and ask away. If you’re too busy to ask, chances are, the answers are already in the infinite amount of threads answering the most basic to the most complex programming questions you might have.




formatter_52c98699709db4) PHP Formatter

Well, it does exactly that – Formats your PHP code. Just be sure to have only PHP code when using this editor. Has some nice formatting features that keep your code organized, indented, and clean.