Why the Steam Controller Replaced My Mouse and Keyboard

If by some miracle you found this article and actually know what a Steam Controller is – congratulations, you’re almost as much of a nerd as I am. If you have no clue what a Steam Controller is, click here.

Lots of stupid reviews have been circling the web, like this one and, especially, this one. Tech Radar asks the big question:

Is the Steam Controller a better way to play PC games in the living room? Right now the answer is no. But that’s going to change. Because even though I’ve tested the final product, the Steam Controller’s journey has only just begun.

Actually, Tech Radar, right now the answer is yes. The Steam Controller has effectively replaced my keyboard and mouse for several reasons. Primarily, imagine having a vibrating mouse with triggers and a joystick. The gamepad is incredibly comfortable to hold and every button can be customized to be as sensitive to your touch as you want it to be.

The Steam Controller is revolutionary in the sense that the design is complete new – something we’ve never seen before – and it works. Moreover, the device links your computer to a living room environment. You can control virtually every aspect of the Steam OS or your desktop through the trackpads and mouse-like buttons that make the crossover from mouse and keyboard to gamepad a seamless experience.

But a quick message to all the “critics” that nitpick the nuances of new technology – every new gadget that you hold in your hand has a learning curve. How lazy you are to adapting a different or new device and discovering the endless posibilities with it is a totally different story. That’s not to say that the Steam Controller is difficult to use – it’s not at all. And for gamers who’ve wanted to extend their computer experience into the comfort of their living rooms, the Steam Controller is absolutely the way to go.

Steam Controller

Steam Controller

Final Score



    • Responsive haptic feedback
    • Lots of customization
    • Solid build


    • Little kinks with game compatibility