Best Game Boy Emulators for Android (and how to use them!)

With all the Pokemon Go hype floating around, it was hard not to look for my old Game Boy and start up Pokemon Silver for some classic nostalgia. While the Game Boy is nice and made me feel 9 years old again, it was far more convenient having my old games readily available on my phone. Keep in mind that these emulators work only on Android. For iPhone and iOS, you will need to jailbreak your device to enable these features. But, since iPhones suck and Androids are the best, the two emulators below are only for Android and are my favorite Game Boy emulators.

My Boy! GBA Emulator

If you’re looking for a simple, fast, and easy-to-use Game Boy Advance emulator, look no further than the My Boy! emulator by Fast Emulator. There is a free version, but I recommend buying the app for the added features. I’ve been using this emulator on my Android phones for years and it’s never failed. To save your progress in-game, just save your “state” using the emulator menu options – this effectively takes a snapshot of your current progress so you can seamlessly pick up where you last left off.











DraStic DS Emulator

This Nintendo DS emulator is powerful and smooth. I played Pokemon Black 2 with no hickups whatsoever and the customization options for your screen layout and controller settings are virtually endless. And with a phone like the Google Nexus 6, the wide screen makes playing these games a sheer joy.








What is an emulator?

These emulators are applications that mimic the operating systems (OS) found on their respective devices onto your phone’s OS. They contain the converted machine language needed to read and execute ROMs (or, the games).


Where can I download ROMs?

For a comprehensive list of games you can download for your emulator, head over to one my favorite websites for emus and ROMs: For instance, if you’re looking for Pokemon Emerald on the Game Boy Color, click here or search emuparadise and download it through your phone.


How do I run the ROMs?

After finishing your download, open up your emulator and go to your “Load” screen. The emulator will automatically scan your phone for compatible ROMs. If nothing appears in this list, then your ROMs are either corrupted or you accidentally downloaded a ROM for a different device. After you find the game you want to run, just tap on the .ZIP file and the emulator will extract the game and run it – that’s it!











Happy Gaming!