I read somewhere that the August 2017 Solar Eclipse extravaganza cost New York City a $700 million productivity loss because of people stopping to watch the moon block a little sunlight. So, I did the same.

We were on the job site chopping old concrete from the 1960’s and excavating some dirt. My foreman was excited to see the eclipse so we decided to take the viewing to a new level. We made two different makeshift goggles. The first was a combination of a welding visor (rated shade 15 or higher) coupled with a camera glare film that we pulled out of an old fixture from the toll plaza we just demolished. Putting these two lenses together helped give a nice, crisp view of the eclipse.

Two scrapped face shield lenses cut and sized for a Canon lens.

For my Canon Rebel T5, I stacked three different filters over a telephoto lens maxed at 300mm. I used a UV filter and two different polarized lenses on the mount, but that wasn’t quite enough. I rummaged through our job site for a grinding/chipping shield that was tinted. I found one rated #5 shade, cut it in half, and stacked them together (effectively giving us #10 shade). I placed all the filters over my lens and managed to capture a few amazing photos.