Staten Island Expressway

Staten Island Expressway Reconstruction and Bus/Hov Lane Extension, between Victory Boulevard and Clove Road

Construct and extend bus/hov lane to Victory Blvd on Staten Island Expressway, construct auxiliary lanes between the Bradley Avenue and the proposed Clove Road ramps, replace SIE bridges over Slosson Avenue). Bridges within the project limits where necessary will be filled in to carry the proposed bus/HOV lanes. The SIE main line will be milled and resurfaced east of Clove Road, Northern Boulevard Curve, Slosson Avenue Curve, Victory Boulevard Curve to correct the non-standard super-elevation, and shallower bridge decks will be constructed to achieve minimum vertical clearances where necessary. Widen the bridge at SIE WB at Manor Road to accommodate the proposed auxiliary lanes. The following non-standard features will be mitigated.The Slosson Avenue bridge will be reconstructed to carry the general lanes, auxiliary lanes Construction of EB and WB bus lanes within the expressway median from Slosson Avenue on the west to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (VNB) toll plaza on the east, and implementation of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) measures.