Canon EOS 80D Battery Grip

In an attempt to look sophisticated and get a couple more hours of battery life out of my camera, I recently bought a battery extension for my Canon EOS 80D. Photography is an expensive hobby (career for the more gifted) as it is, so splurging over $200 on a batter grip was simply out of the question. Instead, I did some digging on Amazon and found this wonderful $30 camera grip that also came with a remote shutter. I was also able to stack some AA batteries into the grip tray in case my Canon batteries all crapped out on me.

So far, I’m more than impressed – mostly at my ability to find cheap alternatives to almost anything. I give this wonderful camera grip by “Powerextra” a nice 10/10 since it does exactly what it’s advertised to do without any fancy bells and whistles. The 80D’s stock battery cover neatly tucks away inside the extension as well. It’s also nice to have a second shutter for portrait shots.

Link to battery grip: