A View That Never Gets Old

I grew up with the view of its towers standing tall outside of my windows. Walking down 3rd Avenue, you can catch the Brooklyn side span between the rows of buildings and shops in Bay Ridge. At 23 years old working on the Staten Island Expressway, I would look at the bridge’s massive tower hovering over the eastern tip of Staten Island thinking that, one day, I’d like to work on it. At 25 years old, I had the privilege of replacing its upper deck and at 27 I had the even greater privilege of demolishing the Toll Plaza and building a new one. At 29, I could stand on the Turnpike Extension in Jersey City and see the full width of the span stretched across the horizon. Today I look at this bridge and think of the profound impact it had on me growing up to be the engineer I am today. Its steel deck, ornamental arches at its panel points, rivets, expansion joints, and towers are forever a part of my life.