Can Foldable Phones be a Thing?

Marques Brownlee recently published a new video about foldable phones and why the technology isn’t ready (yet).

But more importantly, he asks what do we do with it?

So a phone can fold – ok. Now what? Is it converting a tablet into a phone-sized device? Do the standard dimensions for tablets even allow for them to be folded into a phone?

The Motorola Razr V4 is a really interesting concept but feels like it panders more to nostalgia than utility. The only actual utility you get from a folding smartphone is a smaller device to fit in your pocket at the expense of thickness. Smartphones today have done a really good job at keeping devices thin so they fit neatly into your pocket – not entirely sure how a foldable phone would comfortably sit in a pair of jeans.

Here’s MKBHD’s take on foldable phones and screens.