Below is a list of all the projects I’m currently working on.

560938_267994913305923_2063474766_nFilebrink is an online project management application I created in 2012. Since its inception, the site has garnered over 500 users. You can also download the app to your Android on Google Play. Filebink is still in beta.


Being a field engineer can be difficult, especially when you’re tracking lots of quantities on a big project – and who wants to stare at grids or an excel spreadsheet all day long? FieldOp (shorthand for Field Operations) is mobile-friendly and lets you organize operations and quantities in an easy-to-use form. It also gives you statistics and graphs for all your production items.


This is a work in progress. urIssue is fairly self-explanatory; it’s a content management system (CMS) that allows you to publish your own work in short, easy to read articles that are ranked by the number of readers they get.


3Foreign Policy Handbook
FPH was a magazine I used to publish back in 2010. The online publication was briefly endorsed by a non-profit based out of Arlington, VA until it became an independent e-magazine with its own writers, reader-base, and website. Six issues and over 3,500 readers later, the publication turned into a foreign policy blog that saw an audience of over 500 readers a day.